Our Services

HBA Encompass offer a range of high-quality accounting, financial and business services to help you succeed. At HBA Encompass, we understand that no two clients are the same. We would be delighted to meet with you to determine how you can make best use of our team and the services we provide.

As Registered Tax Agents and Certified Accountants, we offer all the services expected by professional accountant and more as your financial partner, communicating complex and challenging matters in an easy to understand manner.

We aim to delight you with our developed in-depth knowledge, experience and unrivalled skills in the following service areas:

At HBA Encompass our passion is working closely with our clients to enable them to maximise and extract value from their business operations. Although as accountants and business advisers we see many generalities among businesses, we are sufficiently experienced to understand that your business has its own unique qualities and characteristics which differentiate it from others.

It is for this reason we individually tailor the services we offer to match your needs.

Sometimes the only way to understand a person’s business or financial situation is by meeting face-to-face. All new clients or people looking to speak with an accounting professional are offered an initial consultation with the first half hour at no charge.

If you have some concerns and wish to take advantage of a free no-obligation meeting simply call us on 1300 447 094 or enter your details in the form on the top right of this page to arrange a meeting.