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How to grow a business while maintaining employee engagement & retention

How to Grow a Business while Maintaining Employee Engagement & Retention

When you grow a business, you generally end up with more employees. This may mean you may have more contractors or you may have more employees. Generally, he bigger you get, the more admin you have, and just by the fact that your business is getting bigger, you have more staff. The important thing is to make sure that you’re able to retain your existing staff, if they’re the staff that you want to keep, but also the new ones coming in, because you don’t want to be constantly advertising and retraining people. You want to have good people on the ground with you that can help you take your business forward, improve your business, and ultimately have a more profitable or more time efficient business for you.

When we’re talking about retaining staff, there’s a few things that you need to consider:

  • One is making sure that on the right salary
  • Two is if their job description changes, make sure their job description is updated, and the salary is reviewed with that.
  • Three, make sure that you’re assisting them to manage change. Sometimes you may need to bring someone in who’s an expert in this area. I highly recommend that you do, because if you’ve got staff that have been with you, when you’re small and you’re growing, they may not have all the skills they need to be in that role as the business grows. If you’ve got staff from businesses that are emerging, you want to make sure that you’ve got the right combination of people, you’ve got to make sure that the change for both sides is managed so that they feel comfortable.

My suggestion is, is ultimately just be honest with them, explain where you are, where you want to go to how they fit in on that journey, and keep them involved where possible.

In the past, we’ve talked about 90 Day plans before, this plan can be split down and allocated to different people, giving people their own their own plans or their own goals or their own KPIs of what they need to get done in a certain time. Also make sure that there’s rewards for those KPIs as is a really good way to motivate and maintain your team. These don’t necessarily need to be monetary awards. It could be a day off on a Thursday afternoon, it could be taking them to the park and having a barbecue. There’s many different things that you can do to reward your clients.

When we work with our 90 Day plans, we always have a goal of what we want to achieve. And then we have a list of rewards that are commensurate with how far along those goals we’d get. So for instance, we’ve had goals where we’ve taken staff down to the Outback Spectacular on the Gold Coast. We had one where we went for a hike up Mount Coolum. But if we didn’t make that requirement, instead of taking the time to go up there, it might have been a picnic in the park instead of a picnic on Mount Coolum.

Have a think about your staff, your business and what’s applicable to them. But ultimately keeping them with you on the journey keeping them involved and giving them individual goals to help you get there is going to assist you to retain and motivate your staff as you grow your business and additional training for them in mental skills, change management and whatever else you need to think that you need to provide.

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