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How to split 1 video into 10 pieces of content

We touched on using videos to create multiple pieces of content in a previous blog.

If you’re going to do a video, the best thing that you can do is to have an outline, maybe some dot points to remind you what you’re going to talk about. Particularly if you’re new at it. Personally, I just have a heading and then I just chatter away. In hindsight, perhaps outlining my videos might give more structured content and might make them a bit more useful.

Here’s what we do:

We set the camera up, and then I talk.

If you make a mistake in the video, you click your hands or do something funny so that the team that editing know that there’s a mistake, it gets their attention. They  can then cut that nasty piece out or the bit where you forgot with all this retake. So always do that click-click so that people know what it is.

Once you’ve got that video, it can go across multiple ideas of marketing.  You can put the video up in your social media:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube,
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Instagram

You can also put it on your website.

Then extract the words, we use a program called It’s a free tool where we upload the video to that, and it transcribes all the words. It doesn’t always get my accent or my Aussie slang. exactly correct, nut we can edit that that’s not a problem. (It hates the word going to Gunna,  absolutely hates it.) If you use it a lot, you can get the paid version. can also produce the subtitles to go on your video as well, just make sure you edit it first!!

Once we get the extract, we use it several ways:

  • Facebook post
  • LinkedIn post
  • Written blog on your website
  • It can go in your newsletter
  • You can grab snippets out of that same video with this short little seconds of gold that that you post them to your social media.

One video can create so much content. And realistically, it only takes you a couple of minutes to stand in front of the camera, have a bit of a chat, and let your team do the rest. If you’ve got any questions reach out and more than happy to have a chat about the tools and the systems that we use for this.

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