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How to use video to promote your business

One question we get asked a lot is Why do you do so much video? And how do you use video to improve your business? And I can answer that quite easily. I use video because it’s a quick and easy way of getting information out. I’m not too scared, not too precious to stand here in front of the camera and chat. But what it means is that I can have a chat to you, like I’m doing right now, get my message across and then my team can take that video and multipurpose it. So we use it on video blogs. It goes in YouTube, it goes in face on Facebook. It goes on LinkedIn. Also the content from that can be taken and transcribed and put into a written blog or a newsletter. snippets can be taken and put onto social media. So video is something that’s really important. There’s lots and lots of video channels out there. We don’t play in Tik Tok, but it’s another option as well. I’m not sure I’ve really got the right funky dancer for Tik Tok. But maybe I could pay nose but videos is really really useful. It gets your brand across it gets people used to you so that when they come in the door, they feel like they know you, they like you and they trust you. But most importantly, if you aren’t going to do video, make sure that your content is helpful and entertaining where possible. I know accounting and bookkeeping isn’t really entertaining, but trying to explain concepts that are going to help people grow their businesses where I sit, because the more I can help you grow your business, then the longer you’re going to be in business and the longer you’re going to stay as my clients. So helpful marketing is a really good trick to have. And video marketing is a really good way to get that across. And you can use the same video across multiple channels. If you got any questions reach out to me always happy to have a chat.

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