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Pop ups on Websites – love or hate them

I got a question for you. Perhaps on websites, do you love them or hate them? I have a love-hate relationship with them. So when I’m on a website and something keeps popping up, it drives me absolutely insane. I was sitting at home yesterday afternoon doing some shopping. It was the Black Friday sales that were coming starting to come through and I was doing some Christmas shopping. There was one website that kept coming up and saying Black Friday specials, Black Friday specials slot. I know that’s why I clicked on your website that felt like every five seconds I was hitting the button to remove that pop-up.

So they can be useful. They can get people to take action. They’re really good for getting people to sign up for stuff or download lead magnets. But you’ve got to be careful in how you do them. From my point of view, by all means, use them. Let someone have five to 10 seconds on your site first, before the pop-up comes up. Make sure that it’s easy to navigate away from it or close it and don’t have it popping up repeatedly because that just annoys the heck out of people or definitely annoys the heck out of me.

We’ve got a pop-up on The Bookkeeper Hub and the HBA encompass websites. To be honest, it doesn’t seem to be working and I’m actually going to remove it because I think it annoys people. But it depends on what your call to action is and what your website’s actually selling. So feel free to email us back or comment I’d love to hear whether pop-ups love them or hate them.

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