technology on business growth
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The impact of technology on business growth

Technology has a major impact on your business growth. I’m not talking, we’re just going to set up a Gmail account for the new employee. It’s really about thinking smarter rather than harder. AI is the big buzzword now. I listened to a podcast last week, and he was talking about the different things that you can use AI for to cut down the time that’s spent in your business, particularly with repetitive tasks. If they can cut down the repetitive stuff they do in their business, that then they’re taking that time that they freed up to either do something for themselves to get some bit of work-life balance, or to actually work on the business.

Technology is vital and most importantly, is making sure that whatever technology you have talks to each other. Making sure that you’re only entering data in once, making sure that you can streamline processes. Ideally, native API connections between apps are the way to go. That means that they talk to each other seamlessly, that things flow from one side to the other. If you can’t get native APIs, you can build all kinds of processes and procedures and that kind of stuff. But technology is smarter than that.

We can build programs to enable different packages to talk to each other. Zapier is a great example of that, it’s a ready-made program that you can link into to get different things to talk. So, when thinking about business expansion, have a look at the processes that you have. Have a look at how you can automate them to free up time. Then ultimately, if there’s the ability to use applications, AI or other programs to get things to talk to each other and get the right outcome, then you’re going to get a much better outcome because you’re not relying on people. You have less issues with errors. Ultimately, if you can free up your time, it’s a win-win.

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