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The importance of a strong customer base in driving business growth

Often when people talk about growing their business, they talk about getting in new clients. They overlook the real importance of having a strong customer base of existing clients before being able to grow Realistically, there are a couple of ways that you can grow.

One is you can sell more of the same product to existing clients, which is an awesome opportunity because there are no marketing costs involved in acquiring new customers.

Two, you can get your existing customers to buy more often.

Three, you can put additional products in that they might buy.

Fourth, you can use them as a referral leverage, getting them to introduce you to people who work in the same industry or who they deal with who have many businesses that work in the same industry so that you can get referrals to increase your sales.

Sure new clients are important, and your existing clients are a great way to get new clients, but don’t overlook the value of the low-hanging fruit that is your customer base. Making sure that you’re looking after your existing clients and that you’re not going after the bright shiny of new clients and not looking after your existing customers. Also making it easy for your existing customers to either buy from you more regularly,  buy additional services from you, and most importantly to recommend you so your customer base is absolute, G O L D!  Love them and nurture them and definitely do not overlook at them in the race to improve your business sales.

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