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The importance of a strong marketing strategy for business growth

if you want to build your business, a strong marketing strategy is essential. Now, I’m not talking about a big fat book that sits on your bookshelf that you don’t look at. I’m talking about a living, breathing document that assist you to make the decisions on a day-to-day basis of what marketing you’re doing. it takes you and perhaps your marketing team to sit down and take some time to work on the business.

Marketing Plans are no different to financial plans or any other type of strategic plan. You want to look at where you are, where you’re going to get to. And what you need to do to get from A to B in little steps. And then you need to work out how you’re going to get the marketing is exactly the same. So looking at your business, looking at what marketing you have now, determining who your customer is, what their needs, where they hang out how you can market to them, ideally create an avatar. Now an avatar, I’m not talking those blue flying dudes from the James Cameron film, I’m talking about a picture of your ideal client. Hi, this is Nicole. Her husband, Cameron is a builder. She works part-time looks after the kids gets into their sporting events. She also looks after Cameron’s bookkeeping. But secretly, she hates the bookkeeping, because she hates trying to follow up people to pay bills. She’s scared that she’s going to get it wrong, and Cameron’s not going to be happy. She’s really, really scared of the ATO. So guess what that makes Nicole. She is a perfect client for a bookkeeping business.

So think about your customers, have a look at your top, maybe 20% of customers and see if they have some characteristics that are similar that you can go to build this picture of your avatar. So in everything that you’re doing with your marketing, you think that you’re talking to Nicole, and that makes your advertising personable, and it makes it real. So looking at who your customers are, what your products are, what marketing or advertising that you’re doing now, what other what do you do? Well, what do you not do well, what other opportunities are there? What are the threats from other competitors? Then create a strategy of what you are going to target and how you’re going to do it. Like any other business plan, we break that down? What are we going to do the next 90 days? Who is going to do it? Who are we going to delegate that to? As a business owner, you can’t wear all the hats. Unless your business is a marketing agency, chances are you’re not the best person to do the marketing.

So you need to find the people that are the specialists in all the different strategies that you need. Chances are it’s not a one-stop shop. You might find someone who’s awesome at Google ads, someone who’s great at Facebook, someone who loves tik tok, talking to the local newspaper, talking to the radio station, bringing in the specialists that you need to tick off what you need to do in your 90 day plan. And of course, don’t forget to look at some projections. Look at the money side of it. What you’re getting out what’s coming in and making sure that you do report on a regular basis on your marketing, what you’re doing. How is it working? What is your return on investment, what have you sold or what are you getting out of it? And if it’s not working, cut it out.

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