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The role of marketing automation in streamlining marketing efforts

If you’ve been watching our videos for a while, you know that I quite often bang on about automation and systems and streamlining your business. Marketing is no different. There’s ways that you can automate your marketing to make it a lot easier and a lot more stress free for you as the business owner.

One of the best things that you can do is use a post scheduler. There are schedulers available that will let you drip feed, Facebook posts and  LinkedIn posts onto your individual or business pages.  I’m assuming you can do the same thing with TikTok, I know that you can with Instagram.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube actually do have their own scheduler that you can go into for free, but they only schedule a couple of weeks at a time. You can basically put posts in and then set a date when they become live. This means that you can batch all your marketing schedules all up in one go and then just let it happen.

I find it a lot easier to batch record my videos, I get in the right frame of mind, and then I chat away. Then my team does the rest. We don’t use an automatic scheduler although we have in the past.

There are lots of post schedulers out there, if you Google Online Facebook scheduler, there’s heaps and heaps of them with different features different price points. Think about how you can work a little bit smarter, rather than harder. By batching your content and scheduling your posts, you can basically get one or two or three, even four weeks ahead. You could even schedule a year ahead if you’re really, really switched on in doing it and get it all automated.

Scheduling takes the pressure off you. All you’ve got to do then is checked on a regular basis and reply to comments. Marketing can be automated. There’s lots and lots of tools and AI stuff out there. I’m not going to go into that today. It’s all around. If you do have questions or want to run stuff by me, of course you can always have a chat.

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