What is a Mobimag and why would I have one

Have you seen our latest Mobimag? You might even be reading this article because we use our articles in our monthly newsletter which is in the form of a Mobimag. You’re looking at me going what the devil is a Mobi Mag?

Well, a Mobi mag is an online magazine, designed specifically for mobile use, it means that it automatically sizes to the size of your phone/device widthwise. These pages just keep going as long as they need  so that you can just scroll through them. When you finish reading that article, you swipe and go to the next page.

It’s a really easy way to make sure that your content can be read online because there’s nothing worse than trying to read a newsletter or read something and you’re sitting there using your fingers and reading something then you got to push them down and move it across to the side and open it whereas a Mobi mag automatically sizes to phones and tablets, and can be read on computers as well.

If you’ve read our newsletter, we link to YouTube Videos as well as having pictures and text content which is usually our blogs which we start from a transcription of the YouTube Video.

We love Mobimags so much, a few business colleagues and I started a company producing them – meaning we have a full time staff member who collates content provided to create the finished product.

So if you’re thinking of doing any online kind of newsletter, reach out to me and I’ll hook you up with team from Ateam International.

To expand your knowledge, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel by clicking the link below. Don’t miss the opportunity to subscribe and stay informed about our latest uploads.

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